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Methods, Concepts, Techniques Or Fundamentals?

August 15, 2016

I believe Mr. Hogan was not a “Method” teacher.  By that I mean, he worked on and wrote about “Fundamentals” and in the letter he says there are techniques that need to be learned such as uphill shots, downhills shots and “then he says there comes putting."


 As far as a method that could be used with his “Fundamentals", I believe that he would try to verbalize what he was doing with the golf swing or physically put the student in a position as he did with Mr. Al Barkow and Glenn Ford.


As far as his swing being the only swing that a golfer should study or try to emulate, I only can say that Mr. Hogan would be asked what he did and give guidance about what he thought how the golf swing should be performed.


 There is a saying that golf greats would watch Mr. Hogan hit golf balls but Mr. Hogan would not be driving miles to sit and watch them practice.


Is Mr. Hogan's swing the only swing to use as a model? I believe that as Mr. Hogan says in this letter that you can make adjustments off of “Fundamentals” and you have a correct method. Enough said!


My Discoveries From Mr. Hogan's Handwritten Letter


We are the recipients of a golf lesson from Walter Hagen and Ben Hogan.  How great is that!


From my research I have concluded that these Letter Lessons are
pre “The Five Modern Fundamentals Of Golf” and “Power Golf” books. The cover sheet from the Pat Mahoney's family, the student that this letter was written for, says it was dated in 1948 and therefore it would be placed before his other publications.


Mr. Hogan was playing wonderfully and was winning tournaments and formulated a way to describe his golf swing that he learned
from a personal lesson he received from the great Walter Hagen.


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