This Is The Cover Of Ben Hogan's Letter Lesons Ebook

Historical, unique, and informative, Ben Hogan's Letter Lessons is a fully documented authenticated eBook of one of golf’s greatest legendary heroes. Written with the use of hyperlinked videos from Fernando Cano's 1953 home videos, has given the reader's awareness of how Mr. Hogan felt and performed his golf swing. 

In this eBook, author Billy Martin details Ben Hogan's handwritten letter written to a fellow PGA professional, Pat Mahoney. He discovers how the great Walter Hagan explained in great detail to Mr. Hogan how the golf swing should be performed in a “correct method” by utilizing of stickman characters. The illustrations and narrative were written in 1948, one year prior to Mr. Hogan's bus accident. Martin also reveals Mr. Hogan's thoughts on how the “basis of a good sound swing is correct leg work and body position”, and that “the center of gravity of the body must stay in one place through the swing”. Ben Hogan's Letter Lesson is a historical document that Hogan admirers must read.